Jan 102013

This is a rare video of Napoleon Hill talking about the classic “Think and Grow Rich.” In this video, he explains his concept of definiteness of purpose.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

  2 Responses to “Napoleon Hill – “Think and Grow Rich” #1 Definiteness Of Purpose”

  1. I love the work of Napoleon Hill. He was a man who was wise way beyond his years, and his wisdom for success and achieving true happiness has changed the way I think about doing business and how I treat other people. His book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ is amazing, and his audio lectures are something I listen to often. I recently wrote a blog post about some of the lessons I learned from Napoleon Hill, you should check it out: http://socialmediabar.com/lessons-from-the-late-great-napoleon-hill

    • I, too, love “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s a classic and a must for everyone in business. I read your article. It’s a nice summary of some of the lessons in his book.

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