If I find it hard to clearly visualize my goal, does that mean it won’t manifest?

If I find it hard to clearly visualize my goal, does that mean it won’t manifest?

Question: If I find it hard to clearly visualize my goal,  does that mean it won’t manifest?

Answer: The term “visualization” or “imagery” tends to mislead people. So many people tell me that “I can’t visualize.” But visualization doesn’t necessarily mean mentally seeing something in glorious technicolor and surround sound. Most of us don’t have that kind of spontaneous imagination.

We all have a dominant style of imagining. Some people are very visual, like artists. Some are auditory, hearing ideas, like musicians. Others’ are sensory, feeling and sensing something going on. We all have all of the senses in our imagination to some extent.

For instance, describe an apple. What does it look like, how does it smell, how does it feel, how does it taste, how does it sound when you bite into it, how do your teeth feel when you bite into it? Being able to describe that apple is visualization. With practice, we can strengthen the other senses to make our mental visualization more powerful and it’s a good idea to do the practice.

However, being able to mentally see a goal isn’t necessary to manifesting it. If you can imagine yourself having it, how it feels to have it, and keep that feeling at the forefront of your mind and no other thought denies or negates it, then you’ll likely manifest it.

There are some other tips, such as being specific, making sure you’re not deciding ‘how’ it has to happen (let your creative mind figure that out), take any steps towards it that you know to take, etc. Write out what would be in your life with this goal. That also is “visualizing,” because you’re using your imagination to create the vision of it.

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