How do I get my connection to the Universe back?

How do I get my connection to the Universe back?

Question: After I had an upheaval in my life a couple of years ago that changed everything, including me, I haven’t had the same connection to my guidance or to the Universe. How do I get it back?

Answer: There’s an old saying that goes something like “When we lose touch with God, God hasn’t moved, we have.” It sounds like you had a transformation during that chaotic time. It sounds like your perspective, your relationships to others and to yourself has changed. Why would you think that your relationship to the Universe wouldn’t change as well?

Your awareness has expanded because you’ve gone through a spurt in evolution. This means you’ve outgrown the old connection to your guidance and to the Universe. The connection is still there, but you have changed position in relation to it, and you’re still looking for it in its old form.

It’s like you used to have an oak tree in your old backyard. Once you’ve moved, you’re still expecting that oak tree to be in your backyard, even at your new house. You may have a grove of oak trees now, but you can’t see them because you’re looking for a single one.

You’re ready for your connection to be at a higher level than you’ve ever experienced before. You’ve gone through a maturing process, therefore your sense of guidance and the Universe will also be more mature. Meditate. Be aware of tiny signals, the still, small voice. You may sense it in a new way. Meditate on the Oneness of the Universe, and how It flows through you.

You’re building a new relationship with yourself, learning about who you now are. You need to do the same with the Universe.

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