Book Review – The Sermon On The Mount

Book Review – The Sermon On The Mount

The Sermon On The Mount: The Key to Success in Life
by Emmet Fox

This author’s books made a huge impact on me when I began to seriously study metaphysics almost thirty years ago. This book was one of those that really affected me and my understanding of mental principles. It takes a metaphysical perspective on one of Jesus’ most well known messages. Mr. Fox states that Jesus’ message was to teach mental states, not theology.

Cautioning against taking Jesus’ message literally, the author explains how Jesus taught through parables. The Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Lord’s Prayer are directions on how to think rightly, how to manifest, and how to achieve a greater spiritual understanding. He dissects each phrase to explain it more thoroughly from a metaphysical perspective.

Many of the phrases that have been twisted or that many find confusing are very practically explained and now make sense. Karma is discussed, as are many metaphysical laws. This book’s original subtitle was “A general introduction to Scientific Christianity in the form of a spiritual key to Matthew V, VI and VII.” For anyone raised with the orthodox view of Jesus’ message, the information in this book is revolutionary and a revelation.

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