What is “anchoring?”

What is “anchoring?”

Question: What is “anchoring” and how is it used?

Answer: “Anchoring” is a technique used by NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner to help to “anchor” a suggestion. When a suggestion is being given, the NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, or the person himself can touch/press on a part of their body to “anchor” the suggestion.

It’s much like using an anchor for a boat. The body remembers the sensation, and when that place is pressed at any other time, the suggestion is recalled on a subconscious level.

Silva Mind Control uses a technique putting the first two fingers and thumb together to remember the peace the person felt while in the deep meditation. Its the same idea.

The body stores emotions, thoughts, ideas in the muscles and organs. You might have experienced (or had a friend who did) going to a massage therapist, and had the therapist massage an area of the back that then triggered tears, sadness, or anger. It’s because the body has locked in a situation that created emotion into the muscle.

“Anchoring” uses this process to remember positive ideas by locking them into the skin, tissue and muscle.

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