Jul 052012

by Linda-Ann Stewart

I had a friend who’d been feeling sorry for himself because he hadn’t been receiving invitations to social gatherings. One night, he got angry, and stomped around his apartment stating that he was tired of this, and that from now on he wanted to be invited to go with friends to parties, movies, etc. The next day, he had more invitations than he could accept. He’d focused his energy on what he wanted and accomplished his desire.

Fear usually prevents us from charging confidently forward. Fear that what we want won’t manifest, so we protect ourselves by not putting forth all the energy necessary. Or fear that it will happen, and we don’t feel like we can deal with the responsibility. Remember, though, the Universe won’t force us to handle more than we’re willing to. You won’t be forced to accept change.

One thing had changed before I gave this successful mini-class. An office-mate had moved out and had taken much of the furniture in the office with her. This made the reception area, where I hold my meetings, much larger. Before she moved, I couldn’t fit more than fifteen people into the space. With the extra room, I was able to put out twenty-eight chairs and the Universe made sure they were filled. Not only had I expanded my consciousness, but the available space had expanded to accommodate more people as well.

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