Book Review – Open Your Mind To Receive

Book Review – Open Your Mind To Receive

Open Your Mind To Receive
By Catherine Ponder

This is one of my favorite books by this author. It’s a small tome, but packed with great ideas. The whole premise is stated in the title. Most of us have closed ideas of the amount of good we can accept.

This book instructs the reader to open their mind to accept more of the goodness of the Universe. Though Ms. Ponder mainly addresses the issue of abundance or prosperity, these ideas can be used for other challenges as well.

It was in this book that she introduced me to the concept of of releasing a person as a way of forgiving them, since she states that the word “forgive” means to “give up.” This has helped me to let go of people that I haven’t been quite able to forgive.

She also addresses the idea of accepting “nothing but the best.” Most of us have settled for something less, so this concept is one that we need to envision for ourselves.

As is usual in her books, this one is filled with great affirmations and examples. It’s a wonderful, easy, interesting read, and I recommend it highly.

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