The Serenity Of The Grand Canyon

The Serenity Of The Grand Canyon

Jeff and visited the Grand Canyon again recently. The day was unpromising when we got there, overcast with a brisk, biting wind. Not a great forecast for photos or comfort. But within an hour, the clouds broke up, the sun came out and the wind dropped to a mild breeze. It became a perfect day for hiking and taking pictures.


We wandered around the rim trail for awhile. Then we took the shuttle to S. Kaibab trailhead, and later to Yaki Point for the sunset.

There is something so peaceful and serene about the Grand Canyon. I know this is over-used, but it’s awe-inspiring. Every moment, the light on the rocks changes, shadows lengthen, colors deepen, and you have a completely different view. It is truly magical.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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