Book Review – From Sabotage to Success

Book Review – From Sabotage to Success

From Sabotage to Success: How to Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior and Reach Your True Potential
By Sheri O. Zampelli

The author of this book was once a drug-addict, and knows about self-sabotage inside and out. After getting clean, she discovered how affirmations can change a person’s beliefs, thereby changing their reality. This book is an intense and complete look at self-sabotage and ways we can change it so that we can achieve our dreams.

Each chapter ends with activities to help create the life the reader wants, and most chapters include exercises that help to uncover or examine the self-defeating ideas and behaviors that have held the reader back.

Ms. Zampelli explores the different attitudes that undermine success. She also gives comprehensive explanation of why we sabotage ourselves, along with the attitudes and behaviors that hold us back.

The author is a great believer in affirmations (as am I), and gives directions on how to write your own, along with pages of affirmations for different issues.

The thing that sets this book apart is all the exercises, activities, and techniques the reader can use to overcome sabotage and create the life they want. This isn’t just a book of abstract, motivational inspiration, but a book of practical, “do it” knowledge that anyone can use to improve their life.

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