“5 Keys To Forgiveness, Part 2”

“5 Keys To Forgiveness, Part 2”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Just because you’ve forgiven them doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences from their actions. You may forgive the person but not want them in your life any longer. Their offense may be so severe that any trust is permanently broken and you realize they won’t change. In this case, you want no further association with them. By forgiving them, you’re freeing them and yourself to move on with your lives.

Forgiveness also doesn’t mean forgetting what happened. If you erase the memory, you don’t have it to remind you to avoid the same situation in the future. It also means you won’t identify any patterns that might be forming. For example, you fight over the same issue every week. If you “forgive and forget,” you won’t recognize that this same problem keeps popping up. This will prevent you from addressing what the core issue might be.

Unless it’s a minor infraction, true forgiveness takes deep thought and introspection. If you don’t take the time and consideration it needs, unresolved issues and emotions will surface later to interfere with your life and relationships. But if you follow it through, forgiveness is a powerful balm that truly brings peace to your soul.


I recognize and acknowledge that I feel injured by what has occurred. By going through the process of exploring the hurt and anger, I learn more about myself. I let go of what no longer serves me and integrate the lessons I’ve learned. When I fully forgive, it makes me stronger and gives me a sense of peace. I cleanse my mind of any disharmony, and as a result, I attract more abundance of all good things into my life.

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