“Be Who You Were Meant To Be, Part 2”

“Be Who You Were Meant To Be, Part 2”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Some of the reasons we hang onto low self-worth include:

1. Fear of responsibility. If we have greater self-worth, we have higher expectations of ourselves. This can develop into more responsibility that, right now, we’re not certain we could handle. We’d have to make decisions and take actions that we’re uncomfortable with. It’s so much easier to stay in our comfort zone and let others make choices for us.

2. Old programming. As children, we were told over and over again that we weren’t worthwhile. This conditioning is still operative and keeps us in its grip. We learned to be helpless and keep our abilities hidden. It’s become a habit that is so engrained that we don’t even notice it anymore. And we reinforce it every time we choose to avoid our power.

3. Conflicts with programming. When we start to break out of old beliefs, we start to feel uncomfortable. This is simply the subconscious mind trying to keep us in our comfort zone. The subconscious wants to keep us safe, and will resist efforts to change if its not convinced that it’s okay now.

4. Fear of the ego. So many people fear that their ego will get too big if they think well of themselves. Oddly enough, the ego is already involved if we’re trying to play small. We’re too worried about how we appear to others. The ego only gets out of hand when we falsely believe that we’re the center of the universe. That’s exactly the opposite of what happens when we’re being authentic.

5. Afraid of offending others. Having self-worth can only displease those who want to control us. They want us to live our life their way. We can’t please everyone. Pleasing ourselves doesn’t mean that we step on anyone else’s rights. But we are entitled to our choices, opinions and to fulfilling our talents.

6. Fear of others’ jealousy. If others are envious of us, it’s because they have low self-esteem. They’re fearful that they can’t do as well as we can. People who want others to feel as inadequate as they do will do anything to discourage our positive outlook. We can’t do anything about them. Our purpose is to be the best person we can be. Letting them hold us back encourages them to inhibit everyone’s progress.

It all comes down to fear. Both fear of what will happen when we step out of our comfort zone and fear of what other people will think. Restricting our potential doesn’t serve anyone, least of all ourselves. It keeps us helpless and permits others to control our feelings and behaviors.

We have to decide which is more important: to stay safe and continue to feel inadequate, or recognize our worth and be empowered. Marianne Williamson, author and spiritual leader, says, “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure about you.” Being authentic and accepting our greatness not only benefits us, it allows us to be a role model for others.


I’m an expression of the Universe, and It wants me to authentically represent myself. Any fear that’s holding me back is a false idea that I release because it no longer has any benefit to me. I now claim my power and accept my true worth. I have the courage to live my life according to my values. My true purpose is to be the best person I can be and serve the world in a much greater way.

Copyright 2011 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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