Book Review – “The Magic Of Believing”

Book Review – “The Magic Of Believing”

The Magic of Believing”
by Claude M. Bristol

When I first began my studies of mental science and metaphysics, I was urged to read this classic. I resisted doing so, believing that I’d been exposed to the ideas contained in this volume through other authors. I had learned much of what this book teaches through others, but this book goes so far beyond, and into much greater depth, than anything closely related.

This book explores the idea that thought is magnetic, and discusses various experiments that support the theory. The author refers to thought as “mind stuff,” and explains the functions of the subconscious and conscious minds, and how to manifest what we want.

In the chapter on suggestion, he describes how political leaders have deliberately used the power of suggestion for their own aims. We are always being influenced by suggestion, and he explains how to use it for our own purposes, to improve our lives, and how it can seem like magic.

Other chapters address visualization, the mirror technique to change the mind, projecting thoughts, and much more. This book is full of energy and inspiration. If you need a read to motivate you to take charge of your thinking, then pick up this one.

~ Linda-Ann

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