“Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone, Part 3”

“Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone, Part 3”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

What it comes down to is that most people don’t feel worthy of experiencing more of what life offers. A woman will put up with a verbally abusive spouse, because she’s been convinced that she deserves his attacks. Or a man will suffer with a raging boss, because he doesn’t believe he can find a better job. (These are gender interchangeable.)

A person may want to be healthier, but doesn’t take the action necessary to do so, such as stopping smoking, exercising, and eating properly. Whenever there can be something done for change, and nothing is done, it’s due to a lack of self-esteem. A person doesn’t think enough of themselves to leave the marriage, change jobs, stand up for themselves, or take care of themselves.

So how can you tell if you’re keeping yourself in a comfort zone? Is there anything that you are unhappy with? Do you want more in some area of your life? Notice what thoughts go through your mind about that area. Be aware of the feelings that arise when you consider a change. Does fear surface? Fear of what? You’re the only person that’s keeping yourself in your comfort zone.

It’s like you’re in a cage with the door open. Remaining in the cage, you know when your meals are, where your bed is, and when to go to bed. You have everything set in a habit pattern, and don’t have to change anything. You’re in a rut, which is a grave with both ends removed.

If you leave the cage, you have to change some of your expectations, and deal with some uncertainty. You’re the one who will have to decide what to eat each day, rather than have someone fix it for you. However, you’ll be able to see the sky, and have the freedom to explore your potential.

By becoming aware of what you’re thinking and feeling, you can begin to dissolve the limitations that have kept you there. You’re the one who created them, so you can transcend beyond them. It may be scary, because you’re facing your fears and moving through them. But persist, because life wants to give you more. And imagine that all of life is supporting you in your expansion.

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