Aug 172011

Question: Can I do an affirmation on behalf of someone else?

Answer: You can affirm on behalf of someone else, as long as that person has asked for the affirmation. If they have not asked for it, you might be interfering with their choices and learning if you affirm something better for them.

I had a friend who affirmed that her husband would refrain from drinking. It worked, he stopped, until she realized that it wasn’t his choice to do so. When she stopped affirming that, he began drinking again. He had other things he needed to learn before he could make the decision himself to stop drinking.

It’s hard when you see someone you love in distress, and you want to help, but they’ve created the situation to learn from. What you can do is affirm for their Highest Good, or when you state a specific affirmation, include a statement such as “if they’re in mental agreement.”

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