A Positive Mindset Linked To Longer Cell Life

A Positive Mindset Linked To Longer Cell Life

For years, we’ve known that stress ages people and may even shorten life. Now there’s a study of how to combat and reverse those effects. A study has found that meditation and a positive mindset are linked to longer cell life. This means that you’ll look, feel and actually be younger than your years.

When you take time to deep breathe, relax, or meditate, it activates an enzyme in your body that actually lengthens and improves a part of your DNA. Anything that leads to a positive mindset causes the production of the enzyme. That includes being able to reframe your response to a possible upsetting situation into a more constructive belief about it.

So here we have another benefit for looking at life from an optimistic, positive frame of mind. Not only does it help you to be more successful, be happier, it also can allow you to stay younger. I’d say that would be a good reason to cultivate looking at life through a positive lens.

The source for this article can be found at Meditation linked to longer cell life.


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