“What should I do when I feel discouraged about the results of an affirmation?”

“What should I do when I feel discouraged about the results of an affirmation?”

Question: When I begin using an affirmation, I feel positive and optimistic. But after a few days, I begin to feel discouraged and just want to give up. Why do I feel like this, and what should I do about it when it happens?

Answer: When you begin affirming, it’s natural to feel enthusiastic and full of faith. But when the manifestation doesn’t appear immediately, doubts begin to arise. There are a couple of reasons that you feel discouraged.

#1 is that it generally takes more than a day or so to change your prevailing thought about the subject. Remember, an affirmation is only changing your mind, not the Mind of God. You’ve had an opinion or attitude about the subject of the affirmation for awhile, and it has been what has manifested. Now you’re changing your mind, and it takes a few days or weeks, or in some cases, months to fully change it to accept the reality of the affirmation.

#2 is that the old attitude may be fighting with the new choice. That’s why you feel like you want to run away. The affirmation is beginning to stir up old ideas and issues related to the subject, and it can become uncomfortable as they have to be released. The protective instinct of those attitudes then is to make you discouraged and hopefully give up, so it doesn’t have to change.

The solution? Keep on with the affirmation. If necessary, change it to include resolving old issues having to do with the subject of the affirmation.

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