“Which affirmation will manifest first?”

“Which affirmation will manifest first?”

Question: If a person is daily using several affirmations, which one will manifest first?

Answer: I always suggest that a person restrict themselves to affirming in one area of their life at a time. You can affirm one area, and when you see improvement in that area, you can move onto another area of your life.

The reason for this is that when the subconscious mind gets too many instructions at one time, it tends to rebel. Think about how you’d feel if someone dumped a lot of tasks on you, and expected them to be immediately completed. The
subconscious gets overwhelmed.

If you use several affirmations at a time, the affirmation the subconscious will manifest, if it manifests any of them, is the one with the least conflict and that you feel most confident of.

In other words, the affirmation that will manifest first is the one that has the least resistance or fear around the issue, or that you’ve had the most success with in the past.

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