Book Review – “The Abundance Book”

Book Review – “The Abundance Book”

The Abundance BookThe Abundance Book
by John Randolph Price

This little book is worth its weight in gold. I used my original one so much that it’s fallen apart, and I keep it in a plastic zip top bag. I now own three copies, just in case.

Quoting from various teachers and books about prosperity, it condenses all the wisdom about prosperity, money and abundance into this tiny volume.

The author writes about the profound idea that you are your own money, and that it’s your energy that circulates. He includes some prosperity “secrets” to help manifest quicker and easier.

Included in this book is a 40 day prosperity plan, which are 10 affirmations you meditate on. Taking one of these affirmations each day, you circulate through them 4 times.

By the end of the 40 days, you’ll have begun to change your consciousness about money, prosperity and abundance. And it works! Money will begin to flow more easily into your coffers.

This book will change your perspective on money and yourself. Whenever I get into fear about finances, I pull this book out and read it again. And when I do, money begins to appear. If you have an issue with money, run, don’t walk, and buy this book!

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