May 182010

Question: Is it better to say affirmations while in a meditative state or while I’m in a conscious state?

Answer: It’s not so much an issue of either/or. When you state affirmations while in a meditative state, you’re relaxed and your subconscious mind is more impressionable. Therefore, you won’t notice as much opposition to the new programming. The conscious mind, which doubts things, which questions whether any change can occur, isn’t as present. Also, the subconscious won’t be objecting to your new ideas. The subconscious is more receptive in this state.

However, stating affirmations while in a completely alert state is also important. That’s when you’ll be aware of your old beliefs rising up to complain. Repeating the affirmation of what you want counteracts the outdated idea. It also helps to reinforce what you’ve impressed while in meditation. The best thing to do is to state your affirmations while in meditation, then say them aloud during the day. And that’s exactly what is done when a person performs self-hypnosis.

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