Mindfulness Meditation Treats Depression

Mindfulness Meditation Treats Depression

Depression tends to be accompanied, if not triggered, by negative thinking. Dwelling on those negative thoughts can create a mood that spirals downward. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help sufferers to change those negative thoughts and improve the way they feel.

However, most of the time, CBT therapists see depression sufferers between episodes, not during them. Now there’s another strategy for those already in the grips of depression.

Studies are now showing that mindfulness meditation is effective in treating depression and the possibility of relapsing. It’s been effective to reduce relapsing back into depression by 50%.

Patients are taught to take their focus off their negative emotions and put their attention on one thing, such as their breathing, a mantra, affirmation, or an object like a candle or stone. Growing evidence shows that brain patterns change from this kind of meditation.

Not only is the evidence increasing concerning meditation helping mental health, but physical health as well. Stress, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, asthma, inflammation and pain are being reduced from practicing this simple technique.

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