“What does it mean, ‘Your actions are different from who you are?'”

“What does it mean, ‘Your actions are different from who you are?'”

Question: What does it mean that, “Your actions are different from who you are?”

Answer:  There’s an old saying, “You’re a human BEING (a spiritual being who is experiencing life as a human), not a human DOING (not a person who is in constant motion and action and doing things to justify your existence).” Therefore, you, as a spiritual being, have thoughts and beliefs that result in certain actions. However, you are not the actions themselves.

Think of it this way. When you drink some water, that’s an action. However, it’s not who you are. It’s you making a decision to sip some liquid to take care of thirst. The action is separate from your being. It’s simply a choice, and the choice can be changed. You could choose not to drink and become dehydrated. Or you could decide to have some tea, coffee, soda or some other liquid. The action you take is a result of your choices, which is a result of your beliefs. And even your beliefs are separate from who you are, because they can be changed.

What cannot be changed is that you are a spiritual being. That is the core of who you are. Anything else, beliefs, attitudes, choices, actions, can all be changed. They are simply outer accouterments or accessories that you’ve chosen.

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