The Subconscious Works, Whether Or Not You Get The Results You Want

The Subconscious Works, Whether Or Not You Get The Results You Want

by Linda-Ann Stewart

On Saturday, I was talking with a woman at a meeting and mentioned Joseph Murphy and his best selling book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” She asked, “In his book, did he explain why the subconscious doesn’t work for most people?”

I was stunned. The subconscious always is working. You may not be getting the outcome that you want, but that’s not the fault of the subconscious. It’s only doing and giving you what you’ve programmed into it in the past or present.

The subconscious has rules, principles, and ways that it functions. And just as with federal law, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Just because you don’t know what those rules are or choose not to follow them doesn’t mean you’re excluded from their effect.

The subconscious can’t determine what you consciously want if you’re focused on its opposite. If you want more money, but are focused on a feeling of lack and fear that you don’t have enough for your bills, the subconscious absorbs the idea with the most energy or feeling. In this case, it would be a lack of money.

The subconscious isn’t responsible for deciding what to accept. That’s what the conscious mind is supposed to do. The conscious is the director, and the subconscious is the actor. The subconscious follows the directions of the conscious mind from the present or the past.

Working with the subconscious is simple. You focus exclusively on what you want, feel its reality, and take action towards it. But it’s not always easy to do this. You have to be disciplined, persistent, and get past old issues that may have blocked your goal.

I think that’s why people have the mistaken idea that the subconscious doesn’t work for them. They just aren’t able, or willing, to follow the principles. It may be simple, but it certainly isn’t easy.

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