2010 Arizona Renaissance Faire Adventure

2010 Arizona Renaissance Faire Adventure

Jeff and I made our annual pilgrimage to the 16th century (fantasy) this month. Each year, we try to spend one weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Faire, and we attend in costume.

Jeff knighted after throwing ax

They have three “pointy things” you can throw at a wooden wall target: knives, Ninja stars, or axes. Here is Jeff (in the green shirt and black hat) being knighted after hitting the bullseye with an ax.

Saturday was a beautiful day, perfect temperature. But we knew that a cold, wet weather system was due to arrive Sunday. So we decided to see all the performances while the weather was nice on Saturday, and shop on Sunday in the covered booths.

Entertainers Don Juan and Miguel

Entertainers and sword-fighters Don Juan and Miguel posing for photos. “Photo Op!”

Entertainers Wine and Alchemy

Entertainers Wine and Alchemy, with music and bellydancing.

It started sprinkling on Sunday about 11am, with a few heavier showers during the day. We had one cloudburst, when it poured and we took refuge in Pirate’s Pub, along with a lot of other people. It flooded the promenade and a creek flowed in a normally dry bed under a bridge. One brave patron entertained us with a spontaneous swordfight with a couple of young squires and their wooden swords.

We forgot to take photos, because we were in survival mode. We were damp around the edges, and trying to pick our way around the pools, jumping over them.  My feet were so cold and wet that I couldn’t feel them.

Renaissance Faire after the rain

Finally, at 4pm, the sun came out. We decided to sit and watch a show. Afterward, when I stood up, I could feel the water in my shoes squishing between my toes.

I realize that the weather was authentic British Isle’s conditions. Which is why I’m glad I live in Arizona. But rain or shine, warm or cold, we enjoyed our weekend and had a hard time transitioning back into our everyday lives.

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