“Does saying an affirmation have to be constant?”

“Does saying an affirmation have to be constant?”

Question: Does saying an affirmation have to be constant?

Answer: Consider this, you’ve been stating untruths to yourself consistently for a very long time. Those falsehoods have taken root and grown into a fairly nice sized weed patch. If you were gardening, and wanted to make the plot ready for planting, what would you do? You’d pull put the weeds, turn the soil, plant seeds, and water. You wouldn’t then ignore it, assuming that everything was done. You’d still have to water several times a week, de-pest however you choose, and keep pulling out any weeds that would pop up.

The same is true of saying affirmations. Not only do you have to counteract the false statements you’ve been saying to yourself for years, you have to make sure none sprout up again from seeds planted long ago. So your new declaration has to be made constantly and consistently so that it can become your new reality. You are brainwashing yourself of what it is you want, now. To do so, you have to be persistent and determined. That’s the only way to impress your subconscious mind with your commitment.

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