Book Review – “Remembering Wholeness”

Book Review – “Remembering Wholeness”

Remembering WholenessRemembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century
by Carol Tuttle

The author is a Rapid Eye Therapist (RET), and writes from the same perspective I would. Her views on how we’re shaped from our childhood experiences, how our beliefs are formed, and how we can change them echoed much of what I tell my clients.

She has a lot of wonderfully clear explanations of how we create our life through our attitudes. I especially liked some of her spiritual approaches, such as the concept that since you’re a co-creator with God, surrendering to God does not mean abdicating responsibility for your life.

The chapters are short, meaning that you can read a chapter at a time. You can either think on what you’ve read or move onto the next idea. At the end, there’s a convenient collection of the prayers and self-help processes covered in the book. This book has many treasures in it, waiting to beĀ uncovered.

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