Jan 212010

We’re having a severe winter storm in Northern Arizona today. Roads from the south into Flagstaff are closed due to the snow. The snow plows can’t keep up with it. And our internet has been on and off all day. They expect dry washes, creeks and rivers to exceed their flood stages. So it’s been interesting. We’ve been in a drought, so we needthe moisture, but this is so much at one time!

That tends to happen in our lives, too. We pray and affirm for a particular outcome, and nothing happens for a while. Then, just when we let it go (which is what looses the power), the dam breaks and all of a sudden there’s a flood of opportunities. So much that we can feel overwhelmed. As a result, we stop our mental work, and once the flood has passed, we’re in a drought situation again. The weather pattern the Southwest U.S. is experiencing is a lesson to persist in our mental work, even when we’re in the midst of a flood.

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