“Setting Goals Opens Your Mind To Receive”

“Setting Goals Opens Your Mind To Receive”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

I once had a friend who thought she shouldn’t ask God for anything. She believed that God knew her needs better than she did and would give her whatever was appropriate. If she asked for something better, she felt it meant that she knew more than God. She didn’t recognize that God had already given her everything, and that this position was limiting her acceptance of good. And she isn’t alone in this misguided attitude.

Some people think that setting goals interferes with God’s plan, and like my friend, feel that God will give them what they need, when they need it. The underlying belief is that it’s actually presumptuous to decide what they require and want. And it continues with the attitude that they should be content with however much or little God sees fit to bestow upon them. But there is a flaw to this arguement. God isn’t the one that is giving them what they need. They’re the ones accepting as much of God’s bounty as they can conceive.

God, the Universe, is always showering good upon you. What you’re experiencing in your life is the average of your thoughts, good and bad, positive and negative. Your subconscious mind, which has been molded by your ideas, beliefs and attitudes, channels the Universe’s energy through these and shapes it into the conditions in your life. If your mental attitude is mainly positive, you’ll experience more beneficial situations. Things will flow for you, and opportunities will miraculously appear in your life. However, if you tend to see the glass as half empty, then your world will reflect that restricted view.

Another reason some people feel they shouldn’t prepare for the future is that they want to live completely in the present. Being in the present keeps us grounded in the here and now, and not fretting about the future. But we also need to heed what’s directly ahead.

When dinnertime comes, do you want an empty cupboard because you didn’t plan ahead and shop to fill it? Do you want to look at your larder and figure out what to fix with what’s available? This can take more time than simply planning ahead and getting the necessary items.

Always living in the present, with no regard to the future, can lead to a life lived in crisis mode. You’re always reacting to immediate circumstances, a victim to the result of the sum total of your thoughts. Instead, you could respond to the present circumstances and what you perceive coming in the near future, and decide which direction you want to go.

Just like with dinner. Do you want to choose your meal ahead of time, figure out the ingredients, go to the store and have them on hand when the time comes? It’s easier, calmer and more cost effective to figure it out in advance.

Planning and setting goals is appropriate and beneficial to open up your mind to accept more good. Your present thoughts do create your future. You can choose what to think and improve, what you receive, or you can allow the average of your thoughts dictate your experience. When you want a specific result, planning for it opens the channel for you to receive more of the good of the Universe.


It is perfectly appropriate for me to ask the Universe for the life I want. It’s up to me to decide what I want, because the Universe always says, “Yes.” I keep my attention focused on what I want, knowing that I deserve it and that the Universe wants it for me as well. Each day, I take some small step to bring it into my life. I expand my consciousness to receive greater and greater good.

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