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by Linda-Ann Stewart

When you want specific results, you need to set specific goals. Goals give your subconscious mind direction, letting it know where you want it to go and what you want it to create. You can always state, “This or something better,” to allow something more appropriate or greater to appear.

Here are a few tips for setting goals and reaching them:

  • Set goals for yourself in the areas of: personal (social, recreational, lifestyle), physical (health, exercise, healthier eating), spiritual (meditation, spiritual reading, volunteering), and professional/financial (advancement, education, prosperity). This gives a general blueprint to your subconscious about how you want to experience life.
  • Establish action steps for each one of these goals, and make sure the steps are small and easy enough that you know you can take them without overwhelming yourself. Even if you don’t take a new step each day, make sure that you’re staying current with the steps you’ve already taken. If possible, don’t let yourself backslide. This gives the subconscious the message that you aren’t serious about your goals. Or if you do backslide, get right back on track to get moving forward again.
  • Choose one as a priority that you’re going to focus on. Create action steps for this one. Keep breaking the steps down into smaller and smaller steps. Sometimes people try to take too big a leap, and get discouraged when they don’t achieve their aims immediately. Remember that it’s a process of change and re-education.
  • Commit yourself to taking some tiny step each day on your priority goal, and some small step on each of your other goals each week. Your priority is just that, a priority. The other goals are important, and can be attended to, just not as diligently or immediately as your priority.
  • Read your goals every morning and evening. This keeps them fresh in your mind and helps your subconscious mind find new avenues and creative ways to help you manifest them. You may not know how some of your desires can happen, your subconscious and Universal mind will figure out the “how.” Your job is to continue to attend to them by taking some action and keeping them fresh in your mind by reading them. This activates the power within you.

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