Jan 042010

Avatar Movie PosterWhen Jeff said he wanted to see the movie, “Avatar,” I was reluctant. All I’d seen in the television ads were violent scenes, and had no idea what the movie was about. Then my friend, Beth, saw it and raved about it. My reluctance dissolved, and Jeff and I went to see the movie just after the New Year. All I can say is, “Amazing!” At the end of the movie, a rare occurrence took place – spontaneous clapping from the audience.

The basic themes are familiar to us all, “cavalry vs. Indians” and “man discovers himself.” But the themes were woven together in a unique, entertaining and enthralling way. The enjoyment of the movie’s story is separate from the creative, amazing animation. That alone is worth the price of admission. I could imagine this movie making as much an impact on our culture as “Star Wars” has done.

Some theaters are offering this movie in 3D. Speaking for myself, that would have been too intense the first time, what with the violence near the end of the picture. Knowing what’s coming, I could imagine seeing it in 3D for a second viewing. But this movie does need to be seen on the big screen. Those who wait for it to come out on video are going to miss out on some of the magnificence.

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