Book Review – “Think and Grow Rich”

Book Review – “Think and Grow Rich”

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill

I wrote this review in 2001, and it is still relevant today. It was one that rocked my world, helping me get back on the path after a time of turmoil.

This book is a classic in motivational literature. But it teaches so much more than just how to “grow rich.” Mr. Hill explains what to do to reach your dreams, whatever they might be. The techniques in this book are easily understood, and can be used to manifest whatever your desire might be. He goes into great detail about how to use visualization to achieve your goals.

He not only addresses how faith can be increased through affirmations, but also how to use affirmations to reap the benefits from them. Further in the book, he explores what ideas or behaviors might be blocking your desire. In one of the chapters, Mr. Hill discusses the “Master Mind” principle, which is when you have two or more people focusing on the same purpose. This concept is amazingly successful.

If you’ve avoided reading this book because of the prosperity or motivational angle, don’t let that dissuade you anymore. It gives specific instructions on how to realize your dreams.

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