Book Review – “The Secret Of The Ages”

Book Review – “The Secret Of The Ages”

The Secret Of The AgesThe Secret Of The Ages
by Robert Collier

Years ago, I knew I had two copies of this book. One was hardback, and one was paperback. I hadn’t read either of them, until I discovered a third copy, another hardback. Now, I know how I got the first two copies came. A friend sold some of the books in his library, and two other friends bought them for me. I have no idea where the third copy came from. After I found the third copy, I decided it was a message for me to read this book. I’m so glad I did. It’s main theme is about the consciousness of success, but this book contributes so much more to the world of metaphysics and awareness.

One of the best explanations of the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds that I’ve read is in this book. It gives a clear and concise description of the method to create what you want in your life. By giving directions of how to decide on what you want, and the role that your desire for change plays in creating it. The author explains that you are one with the Infinite, and have already been given all you could want.

“The Secret of the Ages” was written before “Think and Grow Rich,” and inspired “The Secret.” This book made a huge impact on my life, helping me deepen my understanding of my relationship to my mind and the Universe. As a motivational book to keep your thoughts positive, knowing that what you want is already yours, this book is without equal.

I’ve discovered that there are several abridged versions of this book being sold by various publishers. The one I’m reviewing and recommend is the complete, original and official one sold by the author’s publishing company.

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