Moon Over Uptown Sedona – Halloween 2009

Moon Over Uptown Sedona – Halloween 2009

Moon Over Uptown Sedona

Jeff and I spent Halloween in Uptown Sedona for their 23rd annual Halloween celebration, when the shops hand out free candy to the costumed. We love the creative and cute costumes on the kids and adults.

Goofey in Sedona

This year we saw wizards, witches, Goofy, queens, and a mystical character, like out of “Star Wars,” who gave me a token that said, “Peace, Love.” And those were the adults in costume. The kids were dressed as knights, princesses, dragons, and a memorable Barbie in her box.

Ghost Rave

Ghouls dancing to

Jeff and I shared a caramel apple and watched the Ghost Rave, a twirling fire baton, and Ghouls dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Halloween in a small town is relatively tame, but so much more intimate than those in the big city. You get to bump into friends and trade quips with strangers.

Fire Baton

And I discovered a wonderful new shop. As a tea drinker (I don’t drink coffee, at all), specialty coffee houses don’t appeal to me. So, in recent years, I’ve been delighted to observe specialty tea shops springing up. And one of those has opened its doors in the Sedona Uptown Mall. White August Tea has not only intriguing tea blends, but it also holds free classes to teach you how to blend your own teas, experience a tea meditation, and even to read tea leaves.

White August Tea


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