Saturday’s NSA Workshop and Adventure

Saturday’s NSA Workshop and Adventure

On Saturday, I attended a full-day workshop, a two-hour drive away, sponsored by the Arizona Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association, “Excelling in the Business of Successful Speaking.”

The morning session was presented by Andrea H. Gold and Gary K. Yamamoto and based on their book “The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Speaker.” Andrea and Gary own and operate Gold Stars Speakers Bureau in Tucson, Arizona.

It was a highly informative and fun morning. In the afternoon, we broke into groups to begin putting together our plans and bouncing them off the other participants.

Vickie Bouffard and Linda-Ann Stewart

The photo is at the end of a long day –Vickie Boffard (on the right), co-chair of the Candidate’s Program for NSA-AZ, and Linda-Ann Stewart (me, on the left).

On the way home, Jeff (who had driven down with me, going far beyond the call of partnership duty) got a wish that he’d mentioned many times. He got to see a dust storm approaching. Not only did he get to see it, he got to drive in it. They can be very dangerous when you can’t see ten feet in front of you. Fortunately, visibility wasn’t impaired much and we passed through it quickly and safely. I told him to watch what he wishes for, because he may get it in a way he might not like.

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