Write, Affirm, Visualize, Feel: 4 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

Write, Affirm, Visualize, Feel: 4 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

by Linda-Ann Stewart

I recently read someone state that you will manifest what you want 100% of the time if you write it down, affirm it out loud and visualize it happening. I’m not sure how true it is that you’ll be 100% successful by doing this, but I do know that you will be much more likely to accomplish what you want if you do.

Businesspeople, stars, athletes, and high achievers all know the secret of visualization. A Russian experiment showed that athletes who spent 75% of their time in mental training, and 25% of their time in physical training performed better than those who spent their time in any other combination of physical and mental training.

  1. Writing down what you want helps you to clarify your goal. It increases your motivation and inspires you to begin taking action in that direction.
  2. Affirming it, out loud, gives direction to the subconscious mind. It activates it to begin looking for, and creating, opportunities, information, and anything else you need.
  3. Visualize it, as if it’s actually happening now, in detail, using all the senses impresses the subconscious. Since the subconscious can’t tell the difference between the imagination and reality, it thinks that what you’re imagining is going on now. That gives it the guidance of what to formulate in your life.
  4. Feeling it being real and happening in the present turbocharges the subconscious mind to find the way to bring your goal into reality.

It may not happen immediately. Keep the faith, keep up with your practice every day. Your subconscious and the Universe know how to bring it about.

Many people find it easier to be guided through a visualization. Some use a life coach or an audio. As a life coach, I can help you in this. And each of my Spiritual Self-Hypnosis CD’s has a track that leads you to visualize your goal and then to let go of the concern about when it will manifest.

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