Aug 182009

Linda-Ann, Gilat and RichardEarlier this month, Jeff and I attended a luncheon in Phoenix for the Arizona Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. It was great fun to catch up with some of my friends there, so soon after the national convention. We discussed some of what we’d learned, how we were using that knowledge and projects we were working on. In the photo with me are Gilat Ben-Dor of and Richard Victor of

Jeff and I had an exciting experience as we started that day. After we left home, and before we reached the freeway, the car driving in front of us was weaving all over the two-lane road. It would swerve halfway into the opposite lane, with traffic approaching, and would barely have time to return to our lane before there was an accident. Then it would veer onto the shoulder for awhile. After several miles of this, we called 911 to report the danger. We don’t know the ending, because when we merged onto the freeway, we left the drama behind and took a deep breath of relief.

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