Create A Foundation For The Law Of Attraction

Create A Foundation For The Law Of Attraction

Since the popular video, “The Secret,” came out, people have had the mistaken idea that all they need to do is mentally focus on their goal and it would magically appear. That implementing the Law of Attraction is all they need to do to make their dreams come true. Sometimes, in rare instances, that happens. But usually it does so only after other significant mental and physical foundational work has occurred.

Emerson said, “We become what we think of all day long.” What other definition of the Law of Attraction is needed? But when the tendency of your thinking also brings about activity around those ideas. You act on them, moving physically in the direction of your goal.

Someone who wants to be a musician knows they have to learn how to play an instrument, and then practice it, to actually be able to make music. They wouldn’t just focus on the end result without putting in some rehearsal time. However, once they learn how to play, they could use their imagination to rehearse, as well as physically play it.

The foundation needs to be laid in the physical world, through education, application and activity. This takes it out of the purely “mental” state, where it could simply be a wish, and into the “material” world, where the manifestation actually takes place. Both the mental and physical need to be addressed for success to occur and your dreams realized.


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