Feb 232009

Last week, I had a day of disappointments. First, a package that I was eagerly awaiting went missing at the post office when I went to pick it up. Somehow, they’d misplaced it. They took my phone number, saying they’d call when they found it.

Second, a teleseminar that I was really looking forward to was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. They postponed it a week. However, that means I can’t attend the teleseminar live since I have clients that day. I can still get the audio of the call, but I’d wanted to be on the call in case I’d had any questions.

When I learned of the teleseminar postponement, I decided to bless the circumstances. “Something good is going to come out of this,” I said as I slammed a cabinet door. And it did. Someone from the post office called to say the missing package had been found. The time they called was what would have been ten minutes into the teleseminar. If I’d been on that call, I wouldn’t have gotten that package for at least another couple of days.

All in all, everything worked out, though not in the way I would have wished. For a second time that day, I drove back to the post office and picked up the package. But at least I got it, and I will be able to listen to the content of the teleseminar. The whole situation could have turned out much worse. It’s just another reminder to me to bless each seeming disappointing or upsetting circumstance. That gives the Universe and the subconscious mind direction to bring something good from it.


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