“3 Steps To Overcome The Resistance To Moving Forward”

“3 Steps To Overcome The Resistance To Moving Forward”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Resistance to change is normal, natural, and a human quality. People tend to resist letting go of things that they value, even if they’ve outlived their usefulness. A raggedy pair of slippers, a friendship that has gone astray, a residence that is too big or expensive for them now. They try to avoid the feelings of loss that many times come with change by sticking with things that no longer serve their Highest Good. Even if they know it’s a change for the better, they delay it as long as possible and thus make the situation worse.

Most people won’t embrace change, even if their current situation is intolerable. “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” It’s easier to deal with what is familiar, even if it’s toxic, stressful, or harmful. A person will put up with an abusive boss or nasty job situation rather than looking for a new one. When a close relationship has become stagnant, many people would rather grit their teeth and remain rather then cutting the cord and face the world as a single person.

To change, they have to step forward into the unknown, and it feels scary, threatening and dangerous. Therefore, they plant their feet, and oppose moving forward, even when the Universe is pushing them in that direction. Fear is the true reason for their reluctance. They don’t want to adjust to something new and they’re afraid that it won’t be as good as what they have. They don’t trust the Universe to have something better in store for them.

When they resist change, then their current condition gets even worse. “What you resist, persists.” That’s because they’re putting energy into the resistance, rather than using that energy to create something better. And the more energy they direct into staying put, the deeper the hole they dig, and the stronger the Universal force will be to get them moving. In a tug-of-war, two sides are pulling against each other. No one wins until one overpowers the other. Guess who prevails when battling with the Universe?

The Universe has a broader perspective of their lives than they could ever have. When they ask for guidance or a miracle in a particular matter, they may not like the answer. Sometimes they have a particular way they want their prayer to be answered. The solution the Infinite has for them may not be the one they want. Because of their shortsighted perspective (versus the Universe’s long range view), they then judge the answer, labeling it negative and unacceptable.

Here are three steps to help you break the stalemate and move forward.

1. Begin to accept what is.
If you are in over your head with bills, accept that’s what’s happening, instead of trying to ignore it. With a relationship gone sour, recognize the fact and face it. Instead of continuing to hate your body for being overweight, allow yourself to simply accept that it is. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the current situation. But acknowledgement and acceptance means that you’re no longer wasting energy in ignoring or resisting it. That energy can now be used to create something different and better.

2. Ask for Divine guidance for the best outcome.
Keep your actual goal in mind, but not “how” it has to come about. When you decide the means of how your desire must manifest, you block the Universe and your creative mind from finding solutions. There is a difference between being specific and being detailed. For instance, you may want a reliable vehicle. Instead of picking the particular make, model and year, ask for one that meets your needs. Generally, you’ll find one that’s better than what you originally wanted.

3. Be open to Divine guidance, even if it’s not the answer you want.
To reduce weight, you’ll probably be directed to eat nutritious foods and exercise, which means you’ll have to change your behaviors. Or you may have to give up some highly valued relationship, object, or activity to achieve your eventual desire. Be willing to accept answers you don’t want, and have faith that something better is awaiting you.

You can break through the obstacle of resistance, but you have to be willing to change the way you’ve been responding. By using these three steps, you start to release what’s no longer working, and allow more Universal energy to flow through the situation to find a more beneficial solution.


The Universe has my Highest Good in Mind. I now face what I need to and accept that there needs to be forward progress. I’m willing to gracefully release what no longer serves me. Although I may not know what the solution is, the Universe and my creative mind know how to resolve this situation in the best way possible. I am open and accepting of Divine Guidance about what I need to do to bring forth the best outcome. The next step to a better life now reveals itself.

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