Dec 092008

This has been one of those weeks when almost everything I’ve planned or tried to do has had a disappointment or delay attached to it. On Saturday, Jeff and I went over the mountain to Prescott, AZ to watch their “Light Parade,” only to find that the parade had been the weekend before. The parade consists of floats and vehicles that are draped with Christmas lights, and the parade takes place after dark. A few years ago, we just happened to be in Prescott the night of the parade, and we were so delighted with it that we’ve attended it when we could.

Sunday we discovered that our kitchen fluorescent light fixture had two bulbs that weren’t lit. So Jeff played with the bulbs, and first all of them went out, then the dark ones lit up, and the lit ones went dark. Then they all were working just fine, until Monday evening. Since then, we’ve been back to two bulbs lit. We’re postponing dealing with it until this next weekend.

These are only a couple of the several situations that were frustrating over the weekend. So far this week, I’ve had a delay with a financial issue, played phone tag with people I need to get hold of, and was barely on time for an appointment without a second to spare. Everything is working out, but it’s doing so with some sort of hitch. I’m affirming that everything is in “Divine Order” and that “I’m always in Divine Time” (that’s how I got to the appointment on time). I don’t exactly know what the reason for these challenges are, but I’m working on figuring that out.

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