Oct 032008

A few weeks ago, I lost one of my favorite earrings, an angel with wings that my mother had given me. After retracing my steps, examining the car, and scouring the areas I’d visited that day, I couldn’t find it.

I asked a couple of friends to affirm that I’d have a miracle and it would return to me. One of them said she sensed it was hung up on something in the car. Jeff and I looked thoroughly looked through the car, again. Nothing. I let it go, affirming that it would reappear if I was meant to have it.

Last weekend, Jeff was working on my car and saw something glint between the seat cushion and back of the driver’s seat. My friend was right. My earring was hung up in that crevice. Jeff pulled it out, came inside and dropped it in my hand. It just re-affirmed to me that nothing is ever lost.

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