Sep 142008

Recently, I visited a site that was promoting their strategy to change and become successful. It was an interesting way of creating new patterns of thinking, but the thing that turned me completely off was their way of promoting it. Instead of discussing its value and outcomes, the creator belittled all other ways of creating change. His main push in advertising was saying that his method was better than all others and was the only approach to use to improve.

Whenever a marketer feels the need to make his system better than others as the way to achieve results, it puts my hackles up. This is especially true when they promote themselves as being spiritual. A truly spiritual person doesn’t need to put all other concepts down to sell a product. Every method has value, and when they denigrate those other strategies, they’re trying to make themselves seem superior at the expense of others.

“All roads lead to God,” and some techniques may work for some people and not for others. Or they may work when the person is in a particular mindset, but not at other times. When a particular strategy is promoted as being “the only way” to results, it tries to invalidate all the positive outcomes that have come about from using other procedures. And it reminds me that all too often people take the easy way of trying to make themselves better by putting others down. If they’d recognize the benefits of all methods, and then state that theirs was new and different, and would complement others, then I’d have much more respect for them.

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