Sep 072008

When the nastiness of this political season begins to drive me crazy, I remind myself about a twelve-hour prayer vigil I participated in on Election Day during the 1992 election. People from both sides of the political fence joined in. Each of us spent an hour praying that the Highest Good for our nation would prevail, no matter who was elected. That every voter would be Divinely Guided, and every decision would be directed for our country’s Best Good.

As I prayed, I experienced such a peaceful sensation that all would be well no matter who would be President. Afterwards, we had a meeting to discuss our experience. Every single one of us got the same message/sensation that I had. It didn’t matter who was elected, the Highest Good would happen.

No matter what’s occurring on our national stage, no matter which side of the political fence you’re on, affirm with me that all will be well, no matter who is elected. The more of us who can hold that vision, despite what we believe about the choices, the better our chance will be for it to take place.

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