Vacationing In Vegas

Vacationing In Vegas

My significant other, Jeff, and I took our first vacation in four years, and the first one in seven years where we didn’t feel pressured. We visited Las Vegas for five days, and just wandered around the casinos and visited Red Rock Canyon.

Linda-Ann and Jeff at Luxor in Las Vegas Here’s Jeff and I at Luxor, our favorite casino. We were very disappointed to find that it’s having its Egyptian theme dismantled. The pyramid will stay, but they’re either destroying, covering up, or minimizing the Egyptian motif, statues and shops.

Dancing Fountains at Bellagio
No trip to Las Vegas is complete without watching the Dancing Fountains at the Bellagio.

Tree at Bellagio
This whimisical tree was in the Conservatory at the Bellagio.

Canal at Venetian
Where else than Las Vegas can you visit Paris and walk the Canals of the Venetian?

Blue Man GroupWe splurged and attended an amazing performance of the Blue Man Group. This is the crowd afterwards when members of the group come out to meet and greet.

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