“When Inner Intentions Collide”

“When Inner Intentions Collide”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Have you been wanting a change in your life, but keep getting blocked or falling back into an old pattern? That’s where your conscious and subconscious intentions are in conflict. The goal of the subconscious is to keep you safe. It will continue to act on the old imprint until a stronger decision is made, one that assures it that you will be okay going in the new direction.

Frequently, a smoker visits a hypnotherapist as a last resort to quit smoking. Or so they think. Actually, their true intention may be to continue the habit. By claiming that this is their last chance, when they fail to achieve their goal, they’re able to rationalize continuing to smoke by telling themselves that, “I’ve tried everything.”

Unfortunately, a person’s conscious choice isn’t always their true intention. You can see if it is by the actions they take, the words they use about it, and how much energy they put into their goal. If they’re not truly committed to it, they’ll want someone else to do most of the work, hold back on how much they’ll put towards it, or be negative about it.

This happens when the subconscious has its own intention or agenda. Sometime in the past, the subconscious was instructed to start a pattern or limit an expression or talent. Depending on the force of the decision, whether it was created by a sudden belief in a difficult situation or helped the person cope, it could mean that the subconscious will undermine any efforts to change the original choice.

For instance, a person might have the conscious intention to reduce weight, but the subconscious will sabotage it to continue following its original orders to use food to suppress feelings, create protection in the form of fat, or be like a loving parent or grandparent.

To convince the subconscious, the conscious mind must make a choice and follow through on that path to show that all is well and that it really means business. The conscious also has to communicate that this new idea is sound and appropriate in the present and that the old conditions no longer apply.

Identify Your Subconscious Intention

To identify the old messages about your new choice, become aware of the beliefs you have around it, the things you tell yourself about it, the resistance you may have towards changing. Spend a few days just writing them down. Then review them and see what seems to be the most common issue. Write it on one side of a piece of paper, and answer it with a more realistic statement. Such as, “I’ve always been a failure.” Respond with something like, “I haven’t achieved all that I have attempted, but I have succeeded in many areas.” You can then translate these positive statements into an affirmation.

Ways To Give The Subconscious A New Direction

  1. Affirmations are one of the best ways to reprogram the subconscious mind. You’re using the conscious mind to tell the inner mind the direction you want to go. Make sure you feel the reality of the statement. Emotions power affirmations and make them manifest quickly.
  2. Take some actions to ground the statements. This impresses the subconscious with the knowledge that you’re serious and that it’s safe to make the change.
  3. Use your affirmation in meditation or self-hypnosis. This directly contacts the subconscious to give it new information.
  4. Visualize the end result of your goal, as if it’s already accomplished.
  5. Create a treasure map, prayer wheel, or wheel of fortune by cutting out pictures of what you want and looking at them several times a day. For instructions, read Creating A Treasure Map To Achieve Your Goals.
  6. Use classes to help motivate you toward your goal. Your commitment to healing is more important than any technique you use.

These tools will help to bring the subconscious in line with your conscious intention. Use them whenever you hear the old messages. At the beginning, you’ll have to be hyper aware of what you’re thinking and immediately substitute your new belief. Soon your subconscious and conscious mind’s goals will be in agreement and you’ll discover improvements manifesting in your life.


I am now aware of outdated goals from my inner mind that conflict with my present day desire. I release any old limitations or restrictions because they don’t serve me anymore. The Universe completely supports my current intention to improve my life. I am guided as to what I need to do to manifest my conscious intention. My thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are now aligned with my conscious aim.

Copyright 2008 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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