“What Is God’s Will?”

“What Is God’s Will?”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Sandy always prayed, “God’s will be done. Not my will but thine.” She felt she shouldn’t dictate what she wanted, but accept whatever God gave her as that would be what God decided that she needed. Unfortunately, she encountered all sorts of difficulties in her life. Her teenager got into trouble, she had financial reversals, loss of investments and her business failed.

Each time, she believed that it was what God wanted for her and she was supposed to learn from these calamities. She didn’t consider that when she prayed for God’s will that it filtered through her current beliefs, attitudes and expectations. And instead of changing them, and raising her consciousness to accept more, she passively resigned herself to whatever the Universe dumped into her life.

Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” When we try to solve a current problem without changing the thinking that created it, we simply compound it. Even when we hand our troubles over to the Universe, if we don’t change our beliefs about them, then we’ll experience more of the same.

There’s another old saying, “God can only do for you what It can do through you.” The subconscious creates a mold of our thoughts and acts on our dominant thought. The subconscious is the interface between our conscious mind, our lives, and the Universe. So whatever good the Infinite wants for us has to be filtered through our current beliefs and attitudes. If we’re having a feeling of lack, and pray for God’s will, then all the Universe can give us is more of what we expect.

In this context, “will” means choice, desire, decision, intention, purpose, determination, or decree. Since the Universe is love and all good, then God’s choice, desire, or intention for us is truly to have abundance, health, joy, harmony, and all the good things that we can envision. When we will, decree or affirm a specific desire, God wants us to have something even greater than our wish, but we receive only what we can expect and accept.

However, as long as we’re holding onto an old thought pattern, which is the cause of our troubles, there can’t be a healing or transformation. We can’t experience abundance when we’re thinking of lack. Praying for God’s will doesn’t mean that we resign ourselves to whatever happens, but is an affirmation of knowing that God is willing us to have much more than we can even imagine.

The point of praying for God’s will is to surrender to something greater than we are. Surrendering to a better possibility is important for a more abundant outcome. We have to release control of how we think it should work out and release the fear that we’re going to be given something undesirable. That’s why the prayer says, “Not my will, but thine.” The whole idea is to trust that a Power and Presence that wants the best for us knows what will heal the problem better than we ever could.

We may not receive what we want, because what we want isn’t going to be best for us. For instance, a friend of mine was convinced that a particular job would be her heart’s desire. Instead of affirming that “Divine right action takes place for my Highest Good,” which is another way of accepting God’s will, she focused on that single position as her goal. She got it, and within three months was miserable. It wasn’t what she’d been led to believe it was going to be and it was considerably more stressful than she’d expected.

When you’ve reached your wits end about a situation, imagine what could be the best possible outcome in your mind. Realize that the Universe has something even better for you. Raise your consciousness above the problem and think of it as completely resolved. Consider what thought, belief or attitude you need to change to heal the situation. Then let go of the issue and let God’s will be done for you, knowing that it will exceed your expectations. And if you don’t get what it is that you wanted (from your limited perspective) then know that, for some reason, what you did receive was better for you than what you originally asked for. The Universe has a greater point of view than you do and knows what will best fulfill your needs.


I now recognize the idea that brought about the less desirable situation I’m experiencing. As I change that belief, raising my thoughts to something greater, I now affirm that the best possible outcome is being found. I may not know what that might be, but it’s not my responsibility to figure that out. I let the Universe handle the details in resolving it for my Highest Good. God’s will is done, for the best good of all concerned.

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