Aug 262016

Sparks of InsightEveryone has the same access to Universal Spirit and Energy as you do. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself, your needs or welfare to help them. They don’t need to take what is yours, whether it’s time or resources, to achieve their goal. Nor do you need anything of anyone else’s. So if someone comes to you and wants your help, and says you’re their only hope, remember that there are millions of people in the world available to help. If you don’t help them, they’ll find someone else. And if helping them penalizes you, it’s not going to help either of you. One of life’s lessons is to learn to honor yourself first.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

As a speaker, hypnotherapist, and vision coach, Linda-Ann Stewart helps business and professional women who feel stuck, immobilized and overwhelmed to create their vision, prioritize, and focus so they increase their productivity, prosperity and peace of mind. If you'd like some help to reach your goals, email her at with "Complimentary Consultation" in the subject line.


Aug 252016

Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life
by Martin Seligman, Ph.D.

Wow! This is another book that I recommend to my clients, participants in my classes, and practically anyone who’s ever experienced depression, pessimism, or difficulty in achieving their dreams. Based on over twenty years worth of research, Dr. Seligman shows how optimism combats depression, improves health, enhances success, and much more. Not a rah-rah book for being positive, it covers the questions about his research and how he came to his conclusions.

There are exercises to test whether you’re optimistic or not, and how depressed you might be. A thought always precedes an emotion, and Dr. Seligman found that pervasive negative thoughts always preceded a person’s depression. He describes how some people “learn” to be helpless, and then don’t try, even when they are assured of success. If you’re a parent, teacher, or have a child in your life, the author explains how children become pessimistic and how it affects their lives. He even addresses the conditions when realistic thinking, not optimism, is best in the situation.

Best of all, this book gives instructions on how to change your thinking from pessimistic to optimistic. You simply have to learn how to change the way you explain the situations of your life to yourself. In other words, change your internal dialogue.

It’s an engrossing and entertaining read, considering that it covers much of his research. But it also gives case histories of people who have changed their lives. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Aug 242016

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonStopping ‘Should’ Shaming — Ending the Self-Imposed Guilt Game
Unless you are already aware of the damage it causes, you probably say “should” at least a few times a day. When you say this word, it indicates that you aren’t doing what you would benefit from, or you’re not committed to a decision. This brings on guilt and self-reproach, which don’t help the situation. Here are 3 steps to take to stop “shoulding” on yourself and feeling better.

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think
Research is finding that silence can actually help your brain in many different ways. It can grow more brain cells and improve your memory and learning. Silence helps your brain to process and integrate information. Of course, it also relieves stress and tension. Read this article to find other ways that silence helps your brain.

10 Must Watch Ted Talks on Positive Emotions
Barbara Fredrickson, the developer of Broaden and Build Theory, introduced the idea that the more positive emotions we experience sends us into an upward spiral where happiness and well being dwell. Her research into the dynamics and benefits of positive emotions focuses primarily on the 10 most common positive emotions. This article focuses on TED talks which offer some insight into these different positive emotions.

Aug 192016

Sparks of Insight“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

Your beliefs and attitudes will bring you their equivalent in your world. When they remain the same, you’ll attract what you’ve experienced in the past. You can’t make a change when you’re thinking and acting in the same way you always have. The only way to have improved circumstances is to make different decisions and follow through on them. That way, you break the stalemate and open the doors for something greater to enter.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Aug 182016

Question MarkQuestion: I’ve been affirming to improve a situation, but nothing has changed. What else can I do?

Answer: Review how you’re using the affirmation. As we use affirmations, we may start repeating them by rote, without thinking about what they mean, and because we do, they lose their punch. Remember that an affirmation only changes your mind about the situation, to accept more good in that area. And they have to be said with emotion and belief that they’re actually manifesting.

If we say the affirmation, but negate it during the day, or we say it and feel that it’s not working, then the subconscious mind will manifest our accumulated feeling about the situation. So make sure that your feelings that it’s being done are in alignment with the affirmation.

Also, a problem can’t be healed from the consciousness that created it or is experiencing the problem. You need to be able to raise your awareness above or beyond the level of the challenge to imagine the solution, or at least imagine that there is a resolution available. If you’re still thinking of the problem as you say the affirmation, or feeling the tension it creates, then that will block any positive change. Affirm and think of it from the position of the answer or resolution.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

As a speaker, hypnotherapist, and vision coach, Linda-Ann Stewart helps business and professional women who feel stuck, immobilized and overwhelmed to create their vision, prioritize, and focus so they increase their productivity, prosperity and peace of mind. If you'd like some help to reach your goals, email her at with "Complimentary Consultation" in the subject line.
Aug 122016

Stress is constant in our modern world. When we don’t do anything to release or reduce it, it builds up to affect our physical and mental health. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take charge and find ways reduce stress. This meditation will lead you through one of the fastest and easiest ways to do that. If you practice this several times a day, you’ll lower your stress level and improve your health.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Aug 032016
Linda-Ann Stewart and Ross Hawkins

Linda-Ann Stewart and Ross Hawkins, founder of the International Hummingbird Society

The founder of the International Hummingbird Society, Ross Hawkins, and I met at a monthly meeting of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association several years ago. It was ironic that we’d get to know a fellow Sedonan there, especially since we’d lived a couple of blocks from each other.

A couple of days before this year’s Hummingbird Festival, he called me in distress. The person who’d planned to emcee and introduce his speakers had to back out due to illness. Although Ross had performed that function before, he had so many responsibilities that he really didn’t want to do it again. So he asked if I could step in. I couldn’t on Friday, due to clients scheduled, but I said I could for the weekend.

Friday morning was the only time I had to prepare for the event. Most of the presenters hadn’t sent in formal introductions, so I edited their program descriptions and bio’s so they’d be more interesting when they were read.

Book Signing Table at 2016 Hummingbird Festival

Book signing table from right to left – Jule Zickefoose, Marcy Scott, Dr. Jacques Ducros, from southern France

On Saturday and Sunday, I was honored to meet and introduce several speakers on an array of topics, from photographing hummingbirds to plant that attract them, to current scientific research. Due to one of the presentations, I was inspired to buy a book on “Hummingbird Flowers of the Southwest,” by presenter Marcy Scott.

There were also delightful vendors of all things hummingbird. In Sedona, we have two hummingbird themed shops, and they had booths. There were paintings and photos of hummingbirds, books and feeders, information about the tiny creatures, and lots of other hummingbird inspired products.

It was stressful to have so little time to prepare for the event, but I’m so glad that Ross thought of me and called. Not only did I enjoy participating in the festival as emcee, I loved meeting vendors, attendees, and speakers who share a love of this magical bird.

Aug 032016

Thirty-Day Mental Diet: The Way to a Better Life
by Willis Kinnear

It’s nice to establish a more positive mental attitude. But it’s sometimes difficult to discipline yourself to keep your thoughts on a higher plane. That’s where this book can help.

The author calls this a “mental diet” because you’re choosing what to put into your mind, just as a food diet relates to what you put into your body.

I’ve followed this “mental diet” for the prescribed time, and I found that my attitude improved, things flowed more smoothly, and I felt much more grounded spiritually. Each day builds on the information of the day before, so your spiritual understanding gets deeper as the month progresses.

Each day begins with an exploration of that day’s idea, followed by some quotes related to the topic. The diet is a meditation related to the idea, and then a short statement encapsulating the meditation. It takes less than ten minutes to read, and it is food for your soul.

This book gives you the focus you need to think more clearly about the Universe and your place in It.

Jul 222016

Watson Lake and Granite Dells, Prescott, AZ11 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Yourself
Your relationship with yourself is the most important one in your world, because it’s the one consistent one you have. The rest of your world and experience is perceived through and is a reflection of that single relationship. To have a better life, improve your primary relationship. Here are 11 ways to do it.

Different Views of Forgiveness
People who are able to forgive their offenders have less anxiety and depression and more positive emotions. However, forgiveness doesn’t mean that you absolve the offender of their responsibility or forget the offense. Forgiveness is for your health and wellbeing. It frees you from the past.

If You Want To Focus More, Never Try Harder, Science Says
Often when you try to focus on a task or avoid temptation you try to use your willpower. However, a study has shown that the harder you try the more you end up exhausted. But willpower is like a muscle, it can be exercised and become stronger. This article gives a tip on how to strengthen your willpower so that you can accomplish your goals.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Jul 202016

When you have a vision or intention, it’s hard to stay on track. Yet, you’re the only one who can bring it into reality. To do so, you have to keep your attention on it, have the right mindset and take action. But it’s so easy to sabotage yourself. Here are 5 ways that could undermine what you want and what to do about them.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart