Apr 162014

Your mind and beliefs can alter your life and your body. In a recent study, they can also change the body’s release of ghreline. This hormone, released by the gut, signals the brain that it’s time for food. In other words, you feel hungry. When you feel satiated and satisfied, the hormone level drops.

This new research indicates that if you believe you’ve had a high calorie meal, even if it’s a low calorie meal, the hormone level drops as if you’d actually had a high calorie meal. In other words, it’s mind over appetite. Your thoughts can help you change the way you respond to food.

Your mindset affects every part of your life. Now there’s even more evidence that they can affect your physiology. Be aware of what you’re thinking when you’re eating. It may show up on your hips (or not).

Inspired by: Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 102014

Is your mindset on board with your goal or desire for success and abundance? If not, you’ll have a much harder time achieving it. Once you adjust your beliefs to be in alignment with your goal, your actions will be much more successful. Learn 4 ways to get your attitudes to support you in your progress towards your goal.

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Apr 092014

Jessica Tanner, a nursing student, contacted me about an app she created for iPhone that will be released on April 15, 2014. It caught my attention, because I’ve had friends and clients with this debilitating disorder. Jessica has been an intern at a psychiatric hospital for patients with depression and bipolar disorder, and has learned a thing or two about this problem.

The iPhone App, called “REACH OUT – Fight Depression and Anxiety”, helps people with depression and anxiety disorders. It gives them some tools, such as cognitive therapy, meditation and anxiety reducing strategies, and allows them to always have these tools close by, whenever they need them.

These are tools and processes I heartily endorse and know they have a significant impact on this problem. I’ve used them in my hypnotherapy and coaching practice to help my clients. To have such tools in the palm of your hand, so to speak, is incredibly powerful.

The app also has audio: recorded guided meditation in mindfulness, breathing meditation, grounding meditation and chakra meditation, which has proven to be an excellent stress reduction technique. These are techniques I’ve used in my practice, as well, with great success.

Plus the helps them to focus and not let their many thoughts control them. For people that suffer from
anxiety attacks, there will be some strategies, a 6-step process, on how to reduce it no matter where they are.

The app will cost be be for sale at the Apple App Store for $.99 on April 15th. You can read more about it at Reach Out App. There’s also a 7 minute motivational video on the home page for those suffering from this issue. And on her About Me page, there’s a link to an MP3 recording for depression.

I do not reap any benefits from posting this, except to share a potentially valuable resource for those with depression and anxiety. Nor can I endorse it or guarantee it. However, if you experience these disorders, I think it would be well worth your time to investigate this inexpensive app for yourself.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 032014

Question: Shouldn’t a person say “I’m becoming/getting/…” at the beginning of an affirmation, rather than “I am/have…,” because the latter is actually lying to the subconscious?

Answer: An affirmation gives the subconscious instructions on where you want it to go. Like driving a car. When you have your attention down the road, you automatically steer the car in that direction. If you look over to the side and keep your attention there, you automatically begin to steer in the direction of your vision.

An affirmation doesn’t lie to the subconscious, it tells it the results that you expect from it. There’s a classic auto-suggestion that states, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” An affirmation can be stated in the present, “I am/have (your goal)” or “I am getting/becoming (your goal),” which tells the subconscious which direction to go.

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Mar 292014

Les Taylor

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf hosted the NSA-Arizona’s Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum. I helped organize this event, which was modeled on the monthly NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum. Ed Hammond, chairman of the Living Room Forum committee drove up from the Valley to show his support.

The Living Room Forums are more intimate gatherings than the monthly Saturday meetings. Held in a private residence or business, the Forum features industry experts who can talk about a topic at greater depth.

Les TaylorAt the Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum, Les Taylor helped participants develop new skills with “Speaking to Promote Your Business for the Non-Speaking Pro.” He explained that sales and marketing is about effective communication. And he went into detail about the basic components of a presentation to be put together for an audience.

He said that,”Nothing happens in business until a sale is made,” and went on to describe the sales skills needed to make that sale. Les reminded us that, “It’s all about them, the prospect.”

The participants at the Forum learned valuable concepts that they can turn into techniques that will allow them to be better presenters to both audiences and prospects.

Les Taylor, Ed Hammond, Linda-Ann Stewart

Mar 202014

I’m excited to announce a free audio that I’ve created. If you’re stuck, stalled, immobilized, bogged down, or sabotaging keyyourself, this 35 minute audio gives you direction on how to blast out of your rut.

You can have the success and abundance in your personal and professional life that you want. You’re creating your life every day by the things that you think, say and do. When you begin to change them, your life reflects that change.

In this MP3 recording, I describe the 6 keys I developed to get my life on track again after a devastating relationship shattered me. They also helped me locate my first office and start my hypnotherapy, mentoring and coaching business 23 years ago. These are the ones I’ve used to help my clients achieve their goals. They can do the same for you.

In “Keys to Recreating Your Life: Shatter Your Barriers to Success and Abundance” MP3, you’ll also learn the 5 steps I took to break through and break free. You can use these 5 simple steps to propel yourself forward and get moving again.

Following these 5 steps will put you ahead of 95% of the population and greatly increase your chances of success. They also include a step that will greatly accelerate your progress.

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Isn’t it time for you to open up to greater success and abundance? My wish for you is that you breakthrough, break free and live the life of your dreams.

Mar 172014

Question: Is it better to write an affirmation or statement of desire as “I want…” or “I have…?”

Answer: Write the statement as if it is happening now (present tense) or has already happened (past tense) (whichever you can accept as an affirmation). The subconscious is very literal, so if you state “I want…” the subconscious will think you want to continue to want it. It will always remain in the future, like a carrot in front of a donkey to keep it moving forward.

If you state, “I have found the perfect car for me,” or “I am being guided to the perfect car for me,” (and believe it) then the subconscious must manifest that. This is one of the most important lessons to learn about writing affirmations.

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Mar 052014

Every year, Jeff and I spend a weekend at the Arizona  Renaissance Festival. We made our arrangements months ago, and were looking forward to it. This year, two weeks before we planned to go, the weather forecast started looking bad. For the first time this year, Phoenix was supposed to get rain.
Rain at the 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival
Every day, the forecast got worse. We discussed whether we should reschedule, but decided to gamble and “act as if” everything would be fine. Friday evening, the forecast was calling for rain all day on Saturday, and some on Sunday morning.

By Saturday morning, the meteorologists had reduced the amount of rain that was expected. When we got to the Faire that morning, it was dry. But just before the gates opened, it started to sprinkle. That sprinkle turned into a downpour that lasted about 30 minutes. It drizzled a little after that, but by noon, the rain was gone. We even got some sun that afternoon.

A soggy day at 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Sunday was beautiful. Mostly sunny, cool, with a slight breeze. I said to Jeff, “I’m so glad we came. If we’d cancelled and I discovered how little rain the event had, I would have been furious.” (“Furious” isn’t the word I used, but that’s what it means.)

Tartanic at 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Although we prepared for the worst, we went ahead and expected to have a great weekend. I’ve found that when you move ahead on faith, “acting as if” all will be well, it generally works out that way. It certainly did for us.

Jeff & Linda-Ann at 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival