Jan 272015

Question: When affirming the fulfillment of a goal, such as finding a job, doesn’t it interfere with the process of the Road to Successsubconscious to keep seeking it, such as networking, looking at ads, etc.?

Answer: This is a very good question. As a person is learning about how the subconscious works, it’s sometimes difficult to know just what to do. The object is to focus on your goal, such as finding the perfect job, but not to concern yourself as to which one or how you’ll find it.

Then you go about the action necessary to find a job. This sends forth energy into the world and lets your subconscious know that you’re serious about finding one. You may not locate your job from any of the avenues you’ve pursued, but the subconscious has been working behind the scenes, and you may bump into someone, or have someone contact you.

By thinking on this over and over, and keeping your mind focused on the goal, and working towards it, this helps the subconscious know what you want and that you truly want it. And by not trying to figure out “how” it will happen, this keeps you out of the subconscious mind’s way.

So many times, a person might say “I want a new job,” but do nothing to that end. The subconscious then figures that is just a fleeting wish. The dominant idea that a person has is what will manifest. In this case, the person might wish for a new job, but not want to put out any effort to find one. The dominant idea is to take the easy way out and stay where they are.

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Jan 142015

When you want to achieve a goal, it has to be your priority for you to accomplish it. Your actions show what your priority is at that moment. Change isn’t easy. Committing yourself to your goal, vision or desire each day will ensure it become a reality in your life.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Jan 132015

by Linda-Ann Stewart Grand Canyon Rim Trail

Many years ago, I decided to overcome my fear of acting. Instead of diving in, I attended an audition for a play at the local community theater to familiarize myself with the process. This lowered my anxiety threshold, and I made plans to ease into auditioning for a play a few months later.

The Universe had other ideas. The director insisted I audition for that play and gave me a supporting role in it. Within weeks of committing myself to overcoming my fear of acting in front of an audience, I was officially a thespian.

The only thing that had prevented me from doing this before was my fear. I was afraid I’d forget my lines or my blocking, and panic if something unexpected happened. None of those fears were based on reality. They were simply excuses to keep me from fulfilling a goal.

As a survival instinct, fear’s mission is to give you the energy to fight or flee from a physical danger. But the mind doesn’t distinguish between a real or imagined, physical or emotional threat. It reacts to the image in your mind. Whether the image comes from your eyes or your imagination doesn’t matter. Your mind acts on it in the same way. Only when the hazard is real is the instinct a positive response.

Most of what you fear is a lie. Unless it’s acting as a survival instinct against physical injury, fear is an emotion that’s based on your beliefs. The emotion is an attempt by older thought patterns to keep you safe. Those thoughts were developed in an environment that no longer exists. If you didn’t have those beliefs, you wouldn’t feel fear.

Those patterns were designed specifically to convince you that you couldn’t survive if the worst happened. Fear of rejection, disapproval, failure, disappointment, responsibility, and success are just a few reasons why this emotion keeps you stuck. What you tell yourself about a situation becomes an autosuggestion that reinforces the feeling. This makes you think it has more validity than it actually does and strengthens its grip on you.

As a child, you were taught to cross the street by looking both ways to make sure there weren’t any cars coming. That’s normal caution. You check to see if there’s danger coming, and if there isn’t, you move ahead. But you could continue to look both ways forever and never commit to crossing the road. In this case, you’d be stuck in paralyzing fear.

The autosuggestion that created your belief is mutable. You created it and you can change it. Changing the belief changes the emotion. For instance, you can realize that you now have experience, knowledge and resources you didn’t have when the old thought patterns were created.

If you ask for a raise and get turned down, you’ll be disappointed. But you won’t be devastated as you might have been as a child when something similar happened. Speaking up for yourself and getting belittled is upsetting, but it doesn’t have to destroy you anymore. You can even find help from people and places if need be.

When you take a deep breath and forge ahead, the Universe comes in to support and guide you. Opportunities, contacts, resources, knowledge and anything else you need ambles into your path. Your energy is directed towards your goal, instead of toward playing it safe and staying put.

When fear comes up in your life, assess it to see if it’s realistic or valid. If not, remind yourself that it’s a lie, trying to fool you to believing there’s danger where none exists. Once you’ve established that it’s safe to move forward, fear is no longer helpful. Commit yourself to your vision and dedicate yourself to moving forward. Fear begins to dissipate when you prove to yourself that its message is false.

After that first play, I acted in three more. I remembered my lines, blocking, choreography and easily handled unexpected situations that arose onstage. It was a magnificent time in my life. I enjoyed it, grew from it, and became a different person because of it. When you stop letting fear rule your actions, your life will change. Not only will it be richer and freer, but also you’ll be more satisfied and fulfilled.


Fear is a false idea that simply comes from my old beliefs. Beliefs that my mind has created, my mind can also change. I remind myself that fears are simply to caution me. The Universe protects and guides me in the right direction. Whatever I need to fulfill my goal appears, as I need it. As I commit myself to moving forward, the next step unfolds for a richer and fuller life.

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Jan 072015

According to Daniel Goleman’s book, Concentrating on Chess GameFocus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, due to our obsession with multitasking, the internet, social media and cell phones, we’re losing our ability to concentrate. When we constantly check our email, read tweets, or play an online game, we get a jolt of adrenaline. It feels good every time we do and it lights up our brain’s reward circuits. We can’t stay focused on one thing too long or we get itchy for another rush. But it also undermines the ability to focus for any length of time.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence also says that the good news is that within a short time of slowing down and not jumping from one thing to another, we regain the ability to pay attention. Our focus and concentration improves within a couple of weeks. When we run from one activity to another, we train ourselves to do more of it. We’re training ourselves to be ADD. But the same is true when we let go of the obsessive need for stimulation. As we break the addiction, we train our minds to focus for longer periods of time.

To accomplish more, reduce stress, and be calmer, we need to reduce the number of times we check our email or cell phone. Within a couple of weeks, notice the difference. We’ll get more done, be healthier, feel better and be able to focus on a chess game or reading a book.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Dec 292014

92% of the people who make New Year’s resolutions never succeed with them. They either overwhelm themselves with Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.too many goals, try to accomplish too much too fast, aren’t committed enough to the change, don’t realize what a commitment it is, or life gets them off track.

Whatever the reason, New Year’s resolutions have gotten a reputation for failure. One of the main reasons is that people try to change everything at one time. So, instead of setting resolutions, plural, set resolution, singular. This one step will significantly increase your chances of accomplishing it.

Here are some other suggestions to help you succeed:

  • ¬†Choose one area to focus on.
  • Write down all the steps necessary to achieve it.
  • Prioritize those steps, with reasonable deadlines.
  • Choose one step and work on it a few minutes each day.
  • If you skip a day, or get off track, don’t let it discourage you. Recommit yourself to your goal, and start again.
  • Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal a couple of minutes a day.
  • Write a vision statement, in the positive, about your goal. Read it in the morning and the evening.

It may take you several weeks before you see improvement. But you’ll be that much closer to accomplishing it. And by taking action every day, you’re creating a habit to support yourself and what you want. The side effect will be an increased self-respect and self-worth.

If you’d want some help to focus, prioritize and break through your barriers, contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation at (928) 600-0452 or LAS@Linda-AnnStewart.com.

~Linda-Ann Stewart

Dec 242014

Question: Do I need to translate affirmations from English into my native language for my subconscious mind to understand them?

Answer: I understand your concern about the subconscious understanding affirmations in a foreign language, but there shouldn’t be any problem with it doing so. The language of the subconscious is imagery, and your ability to understand English is also in the subconscious (as is everything else you’ve ever learned). If you didn’t understand English, then there would be a problem.

In my private hypnotherapy practice, I’ve worked with many people who have English as their second language. I generally give the suggestion (to everyone), that “Your subconscious mind hears and understands everything I say.”¬† Their subconscious mind translates what I’ve said into information that they understand. If you find yourself putting too much effort into comprehending the affirmation, then you might want to translate it. Or just state, “My subconscious understands every word of this affirmation.”

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Dec 172014

Your subconscious, which is your creative mind, is very powerful. It’s programmed by your past and current thoughts and ideas. When you take control and use your imagination to re-program it, you’ll start receiving better results. Use this meditation as a guide to creating days that flow smoothly and successfully.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Dec 162014

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, Julie came to me to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. As we talked about what she wanted, I discovered Step Through Woodsthat she had unrealistic expectations about what hypnosis could do for her. She didn’t want to reduce the amount or kind of food she ate, or exercise. Instead, she expected hypnosis to magically speed up her metabolism so she could continue to eat the way she always had and still lose weight.

She went on to explain that she just wanted to eat normal portions. When I asked what she considered those to be, she said, “What you get in a restaurant.” Since restaurants serve hearty portions that would put weight on almost anyone, it was unrealistic that she’d be able to reduce weight if she continued to eat that way.

Are your goals realistic or are they fantasies that could only have a one in ten million chance of coming true? For instance, are you hoping you can dig yourself out of debt by winning the lottery? It happens occasionally, but it’s highly unlikely to happen to you.

Or do you want to attract customers without doing any marketing? Marketing enables your product or service to be visible and lets customers know what you offer. If they don’t know about you, they can’t become customers and you never make sales.

Do you expect people to treat you with respect when you don’t treat yourself that way? Life tends to treat us the way we treat ourselves. When you don’t value yourself, then others are going to take that as a cue to take advantage of you.

Would you expect to play piano without training or rehearsal? Or be a basketball superstar without practice? Except in rare savant or genius instances, you need to cultivate a talent, skill or ability. It doesn’t happen in a week or a month, but over time.

When you have a goal, first you need to decide how realistic it is. If you don’t honestly believe it’s credible, then your subconscious mind will ignore it. Your inner mind follows the lead of your conscious mind. Unless you actually believe you can reach your goal, then your subconscious won’t waste its energy on it.

The next thing you need to do is to commit yourself to whatever it takes to accomplish your desire. This level of intention gets the attention and cooperation of your subconscious mind. It realizes that you wouldn’t be this focused if you didn’t mean it.

Then, break your goal down into small steps. Make sure each one is believable and achievable. Divide it into even smaller components if you don’t think a step can be easily accomplished.

If you’re a couch potato, it’s within reason to conceive of walking five minutes a day and then increase the amount a little bit each week. But if you’d decided to go from the couch to training for a marathon, that would be overwhelming and you’d probably give up.

In the last stage, you dedicate yourself to take a step each day that helps you move in the direction of your goal. Again, taking action convinces the subconscious that you really do want your desire. This helps to dissolve any inner conflicts you may have.

When Julie discovered that she’d have to change her behaviors to reach her goal of weight reduction, she decided not to continue with hypnotherapy. She wasn’t dedicated enough to achieve her goal.

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A building needs plans, a foundation, walls, roof, wiring, plumbing, and so forth. Without any of these, the structure is unlivable and may collapse. And, in general, plans need to be done in a specific order. The same is true of any change you want in your life. You’ll need to work on it, realistic brick by brick, until you have the structure you want.


I now assess my desire to realize whether it’s realistic or not. If it’s not, I establish reasonable goals that I know I can accomplish. When I can believe that I can achieve a goal, then I can put my whole being towards creating it. Blocks and barriers fall as I take small steps each day towards my goal. The whole Universe supports me with everything I need to attain my goal as I commit myself to it.

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Dec 112014

Author Joe Vitale explains how you can use a typical question to open your mind to greater possibilities. Using this technique, you can begin rewiring your brain to be more positive. When you’re more positive, you attract and notice more opportunities around you. It’s a proven method that can help you create a better life for yourself.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Dec 022014

Question: What affirmations could I use to improve my self-image?

Answer: You’d have to determine what you feel is lacking in your self-worth. Suggestions such as: “I am worthy of all the good there is,” “I deserve the best,” “I feel confident and self-assured,” “I accept my true worth” would be a good place to start. Some of my clients say that they “don’t feel like I’m enough.” I give them suggestions that “You are enough, good enough, worthy enough.”

Since the self-esteem issue is individual, you’d know best what kind of ideas you need to emphasize. A suggestion, by Emile Coue, a pioneer in mental programming, is a good, general one. “Every day, in every way, I’m really getting better and better.”

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