May 272016

Flagstaff ArboretumThe Toxic Attraction Between an Empath and a Narcissist
This is written from the viewpoint of an empath. She contends that a narcissist is a wounded soul who takes and an empaths is a healer who gives. It’s a match made in hell. The empath needs to wake up and realize the destructive nature of the narcissist. This article gives some guidance to empaths on how to detach and heal from this kind of encounter.

How to Start a New Habit
When you start a new habit, but don’t carry it through, it’s tempting to beat up on yourself. But that’s counter-productive. Instead, ask yourself some questions to find what works for you.

The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you.
Neuroscience has proved that the brain is malleable, that your thoughts shape how it responds to situations. It shifts with every thought. This article explains how your brain chooses between two opposing thoughts and feelings, having been molded from your previous thoughts. It also suggests a practice to train your brain to trigger more positive and optimistic ideas.

May 262016

Enlightenment for Beginners: Discovering the Dance of the Divine
by Chuck Hillig

This book was originally titled “What Are You Doing In My Universe.” A client mentioned how much he liked this book, and how it was a great primer for anyone seeking enlightenment. I remembered that I’d gotten it years ago, and brought it out to re-read. It takes less than thirty minutes to complete this book, but it’s time well-spent.

The author explains the reason for the game we play with ourselves, why we’ve chosen to forget our true nature. To keep ourselves entertained, we’ve accepted the illusion of separation between the Universe and the individual.

Rather than just philosophically explaining our delusion, this book makes great use of pictures and dots to humorously make the point. By illustrating the basic concept of Oneness, the author makes it clearer than a book of a thousand pages could possibly do.

For all ages, from eight on up, it would be a cute gift for someone learning about spirituality. And it’s a great reminder for everyone of our true nature.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

May 172016

Do you have a dream? Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” You have the potential to fulfill your dream, but you need to cultivate some qualities within yourself to be able to successfully. Learn what 4 qualities to you should nurture so that you can accomplish your dream.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

May 132016

Sunset Crater, Flagstaff AZQuestion: Why do I attract critical people into my life?

Answer: There will always be some negative people who swirl into and out of our world. But if critical people are a constant in your life, then something else is generally going on. There can be several reasons for this.

The first could be that they’re simply reflecting the inner critic within you. You may be very judgmental of yourself, and you’ve attracted them because of your own self-criticism. If they put you down in similar ways that you do to yourself, or pick on characteristics that you already feel insecure about, this is probably the case.

A second reason could be that, due to low self-esteem, you don’t set appropriate boundaries. Negative people can generally sense who they can belittle without consequences and who they can’t. When they can, they simply dump their discontentment on others.

In both of these cases, standing up to the criticism (both inner and outer) will help to eliminate them from your life. They’ll either change their response to you or leave your life.

Another reason for critical people in your life could be that you may be so positive and optimistic that you’re stirring up others’ unhappiness. “Misery loves company” as the old saying goes, and these folk may be trying to bring you down. Unfortunately, whenever someone is happy, positive, upbeat, and successful, it casts a light on others’ attitudes and they don’t like what they see in themselves.

Instead of changing, they try to change you. In this case, realize it’s their issue, not yours. Take appropriate action when you need to, letting them know that their negativity isn’t appreciated. These are simply unhappy people.

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May 122016

Step Through Woods5 timeless philosophy tips for a happy, successful life
The ancient Stoic philosophers are often dismissed as joyless and boring intellectuals. But the Stoics were very interested in the pursuit of things like happiness and success; they merely pursued them in different ways than most. With a few simple changes in perspective and behavior, the Stoics knew that it was possible to achieve a lasting form of personal happiness. Fortunately for us, their techniques remain highly relevant today as this video shows.

10 Uncomfortable Feelings that Indicate You are Taking the Correct Path
Change is not an easy process for anyone and may often bring on some uncomfortable feelings. Many people will take these feelings as a sign that they are doing something wrong and that they should take a step back and re-evaluate. But these uncomfortable feelings can indicate that you’re on the right path for you.

Overcoming Stereotypes in the Classroom through Values Affirmation
Unfortunately, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that education might not be as equalizing as many would like. When people expect that they should have some flaw or difficulty, the expectation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But research has shown that there are subtle interventions that could combat deep-rooted stereotypes.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 292016

The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain
by John Sarno

This author was brought to my attention when, within a few months, three people told me of  their experiences with his book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. After reading that book, each one of them had their decade’s long chronic back pain go away.

Intrigued, I got The Mind/Body Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain, which has a broader scope. It doesn’t deal with just back issues, but all sorts of chronic pain and illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

Dr. Sarno specializes in rehabilitation medicine. Over the years, he recognized a correlation between repressed emotions and the pain of chronic illnesses. Deal with the emotion and you get healthier. This book explores the psychology, mechanics, and manifestations.

He doesn’t just leave you with his theory and explanation. The last section of the book gives a treatment plan of what you can do to start getting better. When you’ve been dragged down by pain and illness for years, it’s hard to get enough energy to try something new. This book gives you back some of the power that your illness has taken. You have nothing to lose by reading it.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 282016

Sunset Crater plant A Stanford scientist says a simple psychological shift can make you more successful
If you’re kind to yourself, you have a chance to grow and learn from challenging experiences. There’s a growing body of research suggesting that your relationship with yourself is just as important as your relationships with others when it comes to getting ahead professionally. Learn 3 components and 4 strategies that will help you improve your relationship with yourself.

The Problem Is Not The Problem
The problem is the way we look at problems, not the challenge itself. Rather than resisting the problem, our best reaction is to become aware of how we are thinking, and then change our mind about it. When you do this, you can then find the opportunity hiding in the challenge.

Saying these 2 words can help you be more successful
If you’re working towards a goal or change a habit, it can be hard not to fall back into the old rut. However, how you frame your words can be helpful. It shifts the way you view the temptation. Learn what those 2 powerful words are.

Apr 202016

Your thoughts create your beliefs, which determine your decisions and motivate your actions. So the life you have has been built from your thoughts and beliefs. But you can change your beliefs by changing your thoughts. Once you do, you change your life. It takes some time and effort, but it can be done. Learn a vital step you can do that will change your world.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 192016

Kendrick Mountain from SnowbowlResearchers say the ‘success syndrome’ could explain why your best employees are quitting
Researchers assert that a steady increase in collaborative work is undermining organizations’ performance. Essentially, the more valuable you are to the company, the more demands get placed on you. This article interviews one of the researchers about how this process typically unfolds and what can be done to prevent it.

Science Says People Who Enjoy Being Alone Are More Likely To Be Successful
Although success is something we all hope to achieve, it can be a real struggle. You might think the extroverts of the world have the best shot at achieving their life goals, but science disagrees. A tendency to enjoy your alone time over socializing can actually help you achieve ultimate success. Learn why.

Tap your holiday stress-busting super power: Breathing
This strategy isn’t just for holiday stress, it’s also for the everyday stress you experience. Training yourself to breathe properly can reverse the negative physiological responses that stress creates. It reduces physical tension, promotes mindfulness, and helps you rest, which gives you more resources to handle the day-to-day grind.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

Apr 152016

One of the greatest discoveries in all of human history is the idea that you become what you think about most of the time. If you want to change the results you’re getting in the outer world, you have to reprogram your internal system so it takes you to a different destination. In this video, legendary trainer Brian Tracy gives you a couple of ideas on how to do this.

To learn more about how to set goals, download Brian Tracy’s 14-Step Guide to Goal Setting.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart